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Mentoring Program - MBI

Mentoring Process

Our mentoring program is a Step by step process that targets to achieve key established objective with close collaboration with our mentee and mentors team. Goal is to self-employment, acquire both technical and business skills and creating a network with experts in the field. In a very short and predefined timeframe you’ll acquire skills and exposure that helps you to excel in Mobile Apps development industry as an expert.

1. Get Started

Apply for the mobile Apps development mentoring program and get in touch with our Mentoring program Coordinator on a physical or virtual meeting.
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2. Get Trained

Attending a minimum of 10 days deep dive Mobile Apps development training and acquire both technical skills and industry exposure from our experts’ trainers in a project based bootcamp.
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3. Project / Startup Ideation

Throughout the training you will come up with ideas of solutions and business that can be deployed using Mobile application development as the platform. Together we will refine the idea.
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4. After training Support

You will be in a scheduled contact and meeting to our dedicated mentors to get more support to make idea a reality. Meanwhile receiving both technical and business support.
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5. Business Mentoring

You will be connected with our business mentors that will give you an insight of the steps you can take to deploy your solution or start the business in a right environment and setup.
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6. Go Live

Go live get your solution to the target customers and execute the operations of the business started while receive a close support on both technical and non-technical support.
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Mentoring Timeframe

Our Mentoring program for Mobile Apps development is schedule on a specific or tailor made time-frame and will include training and all after training support as indicated on our mentoring steps.
Mobile Apps Development Training
Mobile Apps Development Mentoring Program

Mentoring Impact

Mentoring programs, at their core, lets young people know that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with of personal, academic, and professional challenges, and makes them feel like they matter.

Research proves that quality and dedicated mentoring programs for youth have powerful and positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Eventually, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.

What should you have?

Mentoring Qualifications

We don’t assume that you have previous programming experience of any kind, all our training and mentoring process contents coverage starts from scratch. All we need from you is interest in mobile applications development, interest and passion in developing business and community-based solutions and basic computer knowledge. With that you’ll be able to excel in our program and get the most out of it.
Best mobile app developer in Tanzania
Best app developer in Tanzania
How do we deliver the program?

Mentoring Approach

First, you’ll have to get trained on Mobile Apps development to acquire skills from our experts. Its part of mentoring process that gives mentee technical knowhow to dive into the industry. Afterwards we can provide mentoring on scheduled physical meetup with our mentors or scheduled virtual meetup for distance mentee. On both approach you will get the most of our Mobile application development mentoring program.
Experience sharing from experts in the field.

Meet our Mentors

Our mentors elevate your learning experience from great to amazing, pushing you to achieve excellence in the industry in both technical and business perspective. Mentors have decades’ worth of experience under their belts from such noteworthy projects and companies, so you can rest assured that their collective knowledge of the industry is second to none. Through them, you’ll get connections, insights and industry-related knowledge that no textbook could ever teach.
Best mobile app developer in Tanzania
Mobile Apps Deelopment Course
Physical and Virtual program costs

Mentoring Fee & Charges

We provide reasonable fees for our mentoring program. Fees depends with the level of customization to your mentoring program that means we are flexible to customize the program based on your needs. Also, fees can range from Individual, Organization, company, universities, college to a group of people who wants to be mentored on Mobile Apps development. Inquiry today

Mobile Apps Development Mentoring Program

Our physical or virtual mentoring programs are specifically meant for uprising developers in mobile apps development. We provide guidance, advise, more training and support to make sure a developer get to finish their projects and have all the available skills and support needed.