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Mobile BootCamp Initiative

At Mobile Bootcamp Initiative, we aim to bring exponential change to youth through mobile application development initiatives in East Africa. These incredible initiatives aim solely in equipping our youth with the much-required capacity and confidence to build business and community-based solutions whilst giving them enough exposure to subsequently implement their own startups, leading to self-employment and economic development led by the youth.

We use experts in the industry to offer these skills to youth through vibrant boot camps, experience sharing sessions, project-based assignments and live coding sessions.

Best app developer in Tanzania
Best mobile app developer in Tanzania
Our approach that brings impact

Mobile BootCamp Initiative

To give the youth a taste of what a real-life mobile apps developer does and what their role is in different areas of the working class, we invite to class different developers to talk with the youth as a class as well as one to one “real talks” that enable them to share their experience with the eager youth first hand.

This is a vital part of our program, as it really helps our young developers in the making really understand what it means to be a coder in the real world. This is how we believe we can prepare them adequately for the fast track, ever-changing, never-boring world of code.

Why BootCamp? BootCamp is a military term. It is when a trainee goes through a set of training and is expected to be ready for public consumption right after, which is what MBI programs are like. A quick, effective and life-changing experience sharing that guarantees any student who goes through it a real chance at coding in the real world.

Experience Sharing

Our training programs are more of experience sharing than traditional teaching approach.
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Creating Impact

Skills that lead to self-employment, new businesses and generate social impact through mobile technology.
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Training Approach

Our training session are moved by Direct Instructions, Project based, Complete Hands on and Live coding
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What makes us successful

Mobile Apps Development Training

We bring the actual life of a Professional Android Application Developer in Class

Within a very short time-frame (say 10 days!) we can transform a novice into becoming industry ready Mobile Application developer.

You will Build a cloud-connected Android Mobile apps, and learn and master the tools, principles, and best practices of mobile and Android development that you'll apply to your own projects.


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