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We offer top of the line mobile app development and Training services to a diverse number of clients enabling them to embrace and leverage business and personal potential that the mobile applications offers.

Mobile App Development

We offer top of the line Android and IOS Native Mobile App development with advanced skilled team and years of experience.

App Development Training

App Development Training provide a chance to dive deep into the apps development through intense training and after training support.

Enterprise App Development

Advance enterprise mobile solutions that automate, reduce costs, improve business process, workflows and communication.

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The Difference Between 4 Years, 4 Months, and 4 Days | Denis Minja | TEDxMajengo


This boot-camp is your chance to get deep into the app development industry through intense training and a real-life experience outlook of what it means to be a developer in the real world. Learn how to create apps for businesses, engaging apps for day to day users and much more! With our course, you won’t just end at the basics; we don’t do just basic!.

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We are the Best & leading Mobile App development & Training company

Get Trained by us

We offer top of the line software development Training services to a diverse clients enabling them to embrace and leverage business and personal potential that latest technology and software development skills offers.

Native Apps Development

We provide deep dive training on Mobile Apps Development using the famous Google’s platform Android. Training focus on both
Technical skills and Business side of Mobile Apps development.

Capacity Building

We provide training programs that increase individual and organization capacity with modern technology. From Google products, Survey Tools, Business Branding to a tailored technological training.

Career in Programming

We provide training that kickstart your career in programming and software development. Training use a widely
used JAVA programming language to help you understand key programming concepts.

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Take Initiative

We focus on changing the mind set of many youth across Africa on technology and development. Engaging youth with the skills on mobile application development at their earlier stage in school or training centers, within organizations and general public.


Mobile Applications Development, Java, C, C++ Programming, Google Apps for Business
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Android Mobile Application Development, Website design, Web Application Development, Contents Development
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Mobile & Web App Design Process, Content development, Business Branding and Career Move in Apps Development
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Win Min Thit – Thailand

The MBI allows me to understand the android app development and appreciate all the hard work done by the developers behind every app. Though I don't have an app of my own, MBI help us create an app for disease surveillance for the organization I volunteer. Despite time differences between Africa and Asia, MBI is always there to help our app get better features, and I personally appreciate the dedication, determination from MBI personnel.

Kelvin Ngunjiri – Kenya

MBI Boot Camp proved to be an enormous turning point in my carrier. Having completed the theoretical part of programming, I needed to get hands on training and that’s where MBI boot camp came in. Within a period of fourteen days at the boot camp, I had already developed 5 apps from scratch through live coding in the training sessions. Less than a month after the boot camp I was already doing demos as a freelancer and eventually managed to sell an app to a company in Kenya. I strongly believe that MBI live coding training approach is the best, because it gives the trainee practical experience.

Francis Mashalla – Tanzania

MBI has been a home of innovation and realization of my career in Mobile Apps development. MBI has nurtured my skills in programming from a ground level in mobile Apps development to an appreciative level in Apps development career. The mode of training at MBI is superb as to the focus on project based, result oriented and problem solving mode. If one thinks about mobile Apps training and development, MBI is the place to think of, realize your career path and turning your dreams to reality. Cheers to MBI.

Join our Mentoring Program

From the initiative passion of bringing impact into youth lives through Mobile apps development skills, we provide intuitive Mobile apps development mentoring program. The program is meant to give our mentee enough technical and business exposure and experience to kick-start and excel their venture in Mobile apps development industry.
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Years of Experience
Happy Customers
Business Started
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We offer top of the line mobile app development services in Tanzania to a diverse number of clients enabling them ...
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